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The paranoia of Internet of Things

Maybe we got off on the wrong foot. When Internet of Things (IoT) devices first started becoming popular on the market, most of us were firstly familiar with smart home devices. Our Alexas, Roombas, and other household brand names, were the start of (and end) of the public's understanding of IoT. So, I sympathise with anyone’s main takeaway being: “why would anyone need a smart fridge?” Casting all IoT devices as being just overpriced light bulbs and voice-controlled TVs is like putting computers, phones/tablets and industrial control systems in the same box. At this point, the most common IoT device is probably Bluetooth headphones, and only a few other uses are environmental monitoring, medical devices, and fault diagnosis in industrial equipment. With such a wide variety of uses, I am interested in unpicking the relationship that people have with these devices and ideas. A moment that stuck out to me, in a previous job role as an IoT engineer, was when a client said they didn’t