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(Re)connecting the humanities and art to space

Indiscriminately, my friends and colleagues of all backgrounds followed along excitedly from the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope to the release of its first images. Most of my colleagues are fellow engineers, while I keep friends whose interests span across all art disciplines and every letter of STEM. What is the allure of the cosmos, and what role does beauty and culture play in our engagement with space science? I’ve had friends express an interest in space but feel they can’t engage with astronomy content because they don’t have a science background. Smudging the lines between science, art and culture has led to incredible advancements and movements — it's in our best interests. The way we engage with and consider space has changed drastically over time, and I wonder if we will be able to recover a mainstream culture in which art and science influence and inspire each other.  Recreating excitement and curiosity The coinciding Space Age and Atomic Age cultural/design mo